The Ballad of Addie Lass

from by Me and My Ego

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Well listen to my story, about a girl named Addie Lass
You know she wanted to make difference. She wanted to change the world.
She asked for help from everyone she knew. She had plan, she had direction
But everywhere she went people scoffed and laughed in her face.

and this is what they said to her, they said
"Listen here, you dumb girl, you don't know shit about this here world
It'll eat you up, consume your soul, it'll make you wish you were never born
and you're better off like everybody else who smiles and nods and says they're doing fine.
You see your idealism is stale and false, we've heard that shit so many times and we've got better things to do
But little Addie Lass had heard enough, and she was ready to jump into action.

Little Addie Lass slit their throats and then she left them for dead.
She said "You never did deserve your life, you refuse to see the good inside
So rest your thoughts and rest your weary head."

Now little Addie Lass knew she had started something she could never finish.
Because the world was to filled with hate and greed and selfishness
but she was determined

She became a force to be reckoned with, across the lands and in our home towns
and everybody knew her name and face
She spoke of truth, with promise in her eyes and violence in her heart

Everywhere she went, people would either die or join her cause.
And soon, she thought to herself,
"This world might be a brighter place for us"

But her path of destruction only led to more sirens
and her followers were hunted and gunned down
But little Addie Lass held on to one great truth, and that's to do what you believe is right!

Now Addie Lass is on the run from all her enemies
Cops and Lawyers, politicians, churches. Even God himself can't strike her down


from Me and My Ego, track released February 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Me and My Ego Portland, Oregon

This is a home grown project started amongst 3 individuals in a living room. We aspire to change perception, make a little noise, and have a blast.

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